Pond Product Reviews - A Review of All Koi Pond Supplies

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Pond Product Reviews - A Review of All Koi Pond Supplies
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Pond Product Reviews is dedicated to the Koi Pond and Water Garden industry, and it is our goal to raise the level of quality for everybody. 

We offer you - the koi hobbyist and installation professionals - the ability to share your experiences with other hobbyists, and even the manufacturers.

When browsing through the various pond product lines, we have tried to stay with descriptions provided by the manufacturers, when they are available.  Descriptions are intended to be as factual and as reliable as they can be without the "sales hype". 

It is not our intent to favor any one brand or manufacturer of pond products over another.  If you spot a description that does not meet these standards, by all means, we invite you to bring it to our attention.

Your opinion is what counts the most.

We encourage honest and constructive reviews of koi pond and water garden products you have had experience with.  The purpose, naturally, is to let everyone know the benefits and drawbacks of the pond products available.

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  • Please write reviews for pond supplies you own, and avoid single line responses - details matter.
  • Provide comparisons you might have with other pond supplies similar to the one you are reviewing.
  • Be realistic with your ratings, and remember that others will be using your review to make purchase decisions.
  • Please check spelling and avoid controversial language.

Find reviews on thousands of koi pond and water garden items like pond pumps, filters, skimmers, waterfalls, UV's, koi health medications, koi food, and pond water treatments!   Also, pond liner, koi nets and even koi books and magazines!!  You will find information on everything pond related right here on Pond Product Reviews!  

Find out which pond pump is the actually the best, which filter is easy to clean or which koi food really does enhance the color of your koi.  Or maybe you have a favorite pond item and you want to share....by all means write a review!  Or perhaps you used some pond equipment that simply wasn't up to your standards, feel free to share that with the rest of the world!

Pond Product Reviews is all about YOU the koi pond and water garden hobbyist!  No marketing BS and no hype.  Just honest reviews from real hobbyists and koi pond professionals. 

And the pond hobby is always growing!  New pond pumps, filters, koi food and pond health treatments are introduced every season.  So sure to check back often and if you don't see a product let us know in our Suggest a Product section!

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Koi Korner
by Ned Mooslin

Running a koi business I get asked koi related questions all day every day.  So I decided to take a few moments to answer some of the more common ones here.  Check back for a new Q&A every week!

Q: Are Long Fin Koi actually koi?

A: Short answer, yes.  However there are those who will argue the point.  I guess it depends on your definition of "koi".  Some will say that only those that meet the conformation standards set forth in the judging guidelines are koi and all others are not.  I suppose that is a valid argument.  And by that definition longfin koi and butterfly koi do not fit those standards and are therefore not koi.  But really lets look at this a bit closer.  Longfin koi were developed by crossing an Indonesian river carp that had long flowing fins with regular standard koi.  The river carp was genetically close enough to breed with standard koi and produce fertile off spring.  So right there is proof that they are very close genetically.  Unlike, for example, koi and goldfish, which are both forms of carp, and can spawn, but offspring are not fertile.  But to take it further, koi and longfin koi have been bred and cross bred hundreds of times over in order to achieve the same patterns and colors as regular koi.  Also, longfin koi are hardier then standard koi (because they are not as many generations removed from that wild longfin carp) and many Japanese breeders have crossed longfin koi with their existing parent stock in order to make their bloodlines more resistant to parasites and infections.  So even a koi that appears to be a perfect standard fin koi may have some longfin grandparents. 

So to answer the question, genetically speaking longfin koi are indecipherable from standard fin koi.  But they are different looking and therefore considered a different type of koi.  

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