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Total Dynamic Head Calculator

Determining the Total Dynamic Head is very important in matching your pump selection to the amount of pipe, and naturally the size of your pond. Use the TDH Calculator below.

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Total Dynamic Head Calculator
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A pump circulates water against the resistance caused by gravity and friction. The pump must overcome gravity to raise the water above the pond's surface.  The higher the water is pumped, the more resistance the pump will face, and the less water will be delivered per minute. The resistance to water flow caused by gravity is measured in feet and is called the static head of the circulation system. The static head is measured from the surface of the pond (or other water source) up to the height to which the water is eventually pumped.

The friction of the water moving through pipes also causes resistance to flow. A small diameter pipe causes more friction than the same length of a larger pipe, and the resistance increases as the flow rate increases. Because the resistance due to friction is not constant at all flow rates, it is called dynamic head. The dynamic head is also measured in feet and is increased by changes in direction (such as elbow joints or curves in flexible tubing) and by any constriction of the plumbing system. Things like valves, pressurized filters, and pipe unions can all increase dynamic head.

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